Film to DVD

8mm & 16mm HOME MOVIE FILM TO DVDfilm to DVD

DIGITALLY ENHANCING your old 8mm & 16mm movie film has

never been more affordable !

Memories on DVD carefully clean your film… digitally enhance the colours (as best stock will allow)… remove bad splices, hot spots & film burns… include specific titles and chapters (a free title every 100′ of film) … add background music for silent film… or, if sound, digitally enhance the film’s audio to create a stereo mix for today’s sound systems…

We’ll also create a personalised menu page from your film… delete poorly exposed segments and indistinguishable footage (we don’t charge for basic editing)… create a special, personalised DVD cover from your images… before transferring the lot onto a High-Quality DVD-R.

The results are genuinely astounding and far superior to any film transfer we’ve seen around similar cost.

We charge a small set-up fee and then 15 cents per foot of film. (Add 5 cents per foot for sound film or 16 mm). Standard 8mm sound film is rare, but we can handle it if required. 

  • We edit out the “bad” stuff – hot spots, damaged/burnt frames, poorly edited joins, the black, blank or white bits, sections you’ve got no idea what Dad or Uncle Harry were trying to film years ago due to their extremely poor focusing. Mind you, we don’t judge the filming style – in fact, we prefer to leave your family footage intact.
  • No sloppy looking fuzzy edges – we frame your film perfectly.
  • You can have a personalised menu page featuring highlights from different sections of your film.
  • As well as a personalised full colour glossy cardboard DVD cover with images from your film.
  • Any damaged splices are fixed at no charge, and your film is returned to you as originally given to us.

Remember, Memories on DVD only charge for the footage that ends up on the DVD… none of the others 15 minute fee or so much per reel.

We’ll transfer up to 1,600 or 1,800′ of film onto each DVD. That’s between 1 hour 45 mins and 2 hours of content.  Please note that 50′ of super 8 film runs @ 3.25 minutes, while 50′ of standard 8 film runs @ 4 minutes.

Either send us an e-mail to or give David a call on 0410 652 775 with any questions you have!